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February 8, 2009

Okay so let’s have a good ol’ update!


Okay so, snow. It happens about once a year for around two days here in the middle of England-but this year it decided to snow lots. Which was nice, my dad was off work for about 5 days, and it’s always nice to look at snow isn’t it? Of-course it wasn’t all good-no nothing can ever be good nowadays-it did cause a lot of disruptions; London was told to stay in, etc, and inevitably talk turned to the economy. Now I’m aware that there is a recession on, but still; the economy is based of phsycology, the corrupting elements of fear are quite apparent on the market. I have heard that even the news (yes that great institution of infotainment that thrives off of pessimism)

have “downplayed” the impacts of the recession. I’m sorry but if the news have been “downplaying” the impacts, exactly how bad is it? Surely, the way they’ve been reporting this, it would have to be something on the scale of say…I don’t know, maybe uranium rods corroding in the arctic circle, and possibly exploding causing something that rivals, nay; surpasses the Chernobyl disaster?

Let the nuclear winter not throw away it’s ticket in the Apocalypse raffle. Anyway, i just think the news would help remedy the situation by ushering in a new era of posertivety? No? Just a thought, although i suppose that would be “downplaying” the fact that on every street corner: Terorrists, peadophiles, hoodies, and humans lurk.





So continuing with the snow theme, i thought it good to review Fallout 3’s first downloadable content (DLC) package. So, after downloading load up your character save and in a few minutes, a radio signal will be picked up, hurray new quest line opened up! The radio signal is from a group of Brotherhood of steel outcasts who are in need of help, track the location and you’ll find a secret base with the Outcasts; they’re trying to open a weapon storage room, but it’s proving too difficult even for the tech savvy Outcasts, it seems that whoever can complete the VR training sim (used to train soldiers for the liberation of anchorage from the communist menace) will have access to the secure storage weapons room, and thanks to your Pip-boy 3000 you get to do the honours.

So welcome to Anchorage, Alaska. Or at least a rough approximation, gameplay’s a bit switched around in the VR sim, with the instant health dispensers, ammo dispensers, the addition of a strike team to command (well just about), make this feel more like an FPS than the exploration-heavy-Fallout 3. This content package is short but sweet, mainly adding to the history of the Fallout universe; being able to see the U.S. Army at work before the world got nuked is awesome as well, but it is strange, that a good  RPG that everyone who was foolish thought was nothing more than a weak Fps, which it would be if it WAS an Fps, decides to act like an Fps as apposed to the amazing RPG it was, Is. But at 800ms points, the addition of a new perk which can be obtained by collecting all the Intel pieces scattered around Anchorage, much akin to the bobble-heads; and the frankly great equipment you can get for your character upon completion. However 1-2 hours is a little bit short:

GAMEPLAY: 8.5 The inventory management, exploration and variety are stripped down to gun play, V.A.T.S saves it from being dull.

VALUE FOR MONEY: 8.0 A new perk, Chinese stealth amour, and achievements (worth 100gp) but quite frankly  spending near 1000MSP on such a short piece of content isn’t great but still cheap in comparison to some addons.

LENGTH: 7.0 I’m sure length wasn’t the aim here, but still; most skilled players will be able to view most content in this download in under 2 hours.

8.0 Nice addition that will work well when the rest of the DLC is released but at the moment, this is rather meager.



I'm sure there's an illogical explaination for all this.

I'm sure there's an illogical explanation for all this.

Okay, so on the set of Red Dwarf back to earth, a sneaky peperoni (paparazzi) took snaps of the cast and crew filming on the coronation street sets in Manchester. This sparked much speculation, Red retaliated with the above pic showing the cast outside the Rovers Return; knowing Red Dwarf this is no way a proper cross-over, it could be thousands of things when your dealing with Red Dwarf. So what is it? Alternate reality? Simulation? what’s left of earth?  who knows. What i do know is that 10th of april be there or be…umm can’t figure out a clever Red Dwarf themed line.


I joined Twitter, so go follow Jack Sol Smith. Good luck with the week!


Red Dwarf Dave specials.

February 4, 2009

Red Dwarf is going to come back. And i have the dates and info! So get ready to be hit by some fact nuggets. Red Dwarf will have 4 programs: Two will be two new episodes, one will be a Making-of documentary, and the other will be the original cast, with some chairs, trying to remember classic moments from the series past. Red dwarf will be shown on Friday, the 10th of april at 9pm-2009.
The rest will be shown over the weekend so roll on April!
Now for something pretty awesome here’s an exclusive picture from the Dave official website.

The all-new costumes!

The all-new costumes!

PS: i do not own this photo.
Anyhow i look forward to flicking over to Dave to watch this televisual feast on april tenth!

Dear readers.

January 16, 2009

Finally got the left 4 dead models to work on Garrysmod, so been taking pictures using them.

Bill. I think this picture is a beautiful one of him.

Bill. I think this picture is the best of the four.



Zoey. Where as Bill and Louis are the same space away from the camera, zoey is closer.

Zoey. Where as Bill and Louis are the same space away from the camera, zoey is closer.

Francis. Looking besieged by worry, he's too far away from the camera IMO.

Francis. Looking besieged by worry, he's too far away from the camera IMO.

The survivors.

The survivors.

Francis doing an impression of the typical Zombie, Louis is amused.

Francis doing an impression of the typical Zombie, Louis is amused.

Louis tries to steal the Heavy's Sandvich from Team Fortress 2 off Francis.

Louis tries to steal the Heavy's Sandvich from Team Fortress 2 off Francis.

I like these pictures an i am very proud of them, all the editing to colour saturation, contrast, brightness and background blur were done in the facilities that were present in the game.

Moving to other things. i’m enjoying Facebook bit like a cult but still it’s very fun to view whats going down. I have some form of athletes foot going down, or my shoes are rubbing both my little toes, probably both.

Still trying to work on more art but is dificult, the shades of grey pens that my sister gave me for christmas are great need to start using them again. I know these updates are small but hey, quantity over individual quantity right? Chiow- JSS

Booky Wook.

January 15, 2009


Today i joined the cult of Facebook. Seems like it’s myspace for snobby people, still seems quite addictive.

Expect Blog update soon.

Doom, the Universe, and ingested depression, i am Jack’s slowly decaying body.

January 14, 2009

Hello. Jack Smith.

Okay, there’s alot to write about, drawing has been slow lately; me and my Friend decided to do the concept art for a completely made up game, just can’t get any of it done at the moment.

I have been listening to Kerrang radio often as i lie in bed, mainly been listening to Johnny Doom’s “the late license” a radio show just playing anything really, the host Johnny Doom seems an odd fellow.

He was voted Brummie of the year 2008, he likes metal, punk, underground, and noise but as for the man himself, well, his myspace page doesn’t really elaborate on what I’ve gathered from his show.

He seems a nice sort of chap, and listening to his regional tones gives him a sense of familiarity.

Here’s some Sigur Ros, they’re probably keeping the Icelandic economy afloat with album sales.

On to other things, got a new theme up, gives the Blog a sense of “look at me I’m a steam-punk factory owner” which i like really so.

i will try to Blog more often so this is jack smith signing off


Call of Duty: WORLD AT WAR

December 28, 2008


So, here it is, Call of duty 5 exept it’s not called that; it’s called “cod: World at War” and even if it were called cod5 it wouldn’t be correct as this is the 8Th game in the series.

Two things:  1 It’s not Infinity ward: no it’s not the beloved developer who developed the beloved cod4 that’s beloved and mutually beloved by everyone. It’s Treyarch, who developed the great: Cod United Offensive, and Cod big red one (no seriously) and who made the joker in the pack of the series the one that Didn’t come up trumps, Call of Duty 3.

2 It’s NOT Call of Duty 3: Cod3 was, it wasn’t awful it just wasn’t good, and certainly not up to the Call of Duty stellar standard it was rushed and laden with mini- games and unskipable cut scenes. In short, unforgettable for the wrong reasons.

Okay so, with the past Cod3 leaving post battle stress to the good people at Treyarch, mixed with the number 1# beloved Cod4 created by their counter-parts at infinity ward; Treyarch were provided a handy boot up the backside to use the ain’t broke don’t fix it strategy leaving cod4’s polished gameplay and sublime online widely untouched, this meant that they could focus on other things such as 4-player co-op (a first for the series) a new enemy on a new battle-front and an old traditional one waiting in the wings for the second campaign.


So, as said previously the gameplay from cod4 is still their really, you can still sprint, chuck back grenades, use the knife as a one-hit-kill melee attack, aim down the iron sights. (and watch as it corrects your aim to the nearest enemy even when auto aim is off!)

Not every thing’s the same however. There are two campaigns one you take control of Private Miller of Carlson’s raiders, in Japan, with Keefer Sutherland doing his grizzled Jack Bauer voice. and the other you take control of

Dimitri Petrenko, which details the initial fear and danger of staling rad right up to the vengeance and blood in Berlin on the roof of the Reichstag. Gary Oldman plays a Russian Sargent with a passion for blood.

The missions detailing the pacific, are faster, punchier, snappier than any other cod campaign in my memory. Theirs flamethrowers Banzai attacks snipers in trees, it’s just different all round. Plus the chance to destroy paradise as it were with a flamethrower is characteristic of cod 5’s moral maze, sure your burning an enemy which won’t surrender, that wont give up, and given the chance to die and bring you with them, they’l take it but you are still burning other human beings alive and any gamer worth his salt should at least feel a pang of guilt.

The conflict in the pacific is more barbaric than previous Cod's

The conflict in the pacific is more barbaric than previous Cod's

The Russian missions are distinctly original winning cod formula, they’re the safe option as it were and a breath of fresh if familiar air from the depressing intense pacific conflict. They begin with a very atmospheric homage, if you will to cod4’s all ghillied up. You and Sgt. Reznov (Gary Oldman) have to hunt down and snipe general Amsel a German officer who is responsible for the deaths of many of your comrades, it’s typical cod themes; it’s Stalingrad your Russians, you have a scopped mosin neagant like i said, winning formula.

The rest show the run up to Berlin, you’l have to run through the countryside, survive a tidal wave, execute wounded SS and burn anything in your way as a tank commander to get to the final destination: the Reichstag, classic cod tricks with morally grey themes.


The audio is strong, and the music is… Experimental, it’s a mix of industrial background music, with traditional Russian choir singing, alongside heavy rock guitar in the pacific missions, some may call it confused and ill-fitting but i think it works. The guns and ambiance to the scream of artillery, it’s all top-notch. Keefer Sutherland adds to the grizzled texture of the pacific missions but as for over all acting he has to voices, Jack Bauer or angry Jack Bauer. Gary Oldman is pretty good in his role as Reznov, not sure why they couldn’t have got a real Russian to do it but never mind.


Story in Cod? don’t make me laugh and before you say Cod4 i could have thought of that plot in 5 minutes,

Call of duty: WAW has some good character interactions, or at least the Russian campaign does. Reznov and Chernov (a member of your squad) contrast eachother well, with Reznov preaching a no mercy strategy whilst Chernov discourages in relishing the bloodshed, they can feel a bit like having the devil and an angel over each shoulder both giving intriuging view-points and although not the comedy double act of Cpt Price and Mcgreggor. They still add a good feel to the missions and are the closest to story in this Cod.

Become a flamethrower tank commander or a plane gunner in Cod5's vehicle missions

Become a flamethrower tank commander or a plane gunner in Cod5's vehicle missions


The same as Cod4’s online, not really a bad thing. You can make a class earn ranks, weapons, sights, and prestige mode is back.

With a mix of Team deathmatch search and destroy, deathmatch, and hardcore mode with no HUD and death after two shots is there, Cod4 with WWII weapons really.


The presentation is great, dismemberment is all the rage in games so call of duty follows suit kill enemies with grenades, and their legs will be lost forever, dismemberment is even in the death animations; target the arms of an enemy and the death animation will show an entire hand fall off clutching at the wound they’ll fall hard, it’s this type of realistic graphic displays of war that give WAW it’s personality, and it’s better off because of it.

Veteran as with all Cod tittles is nail biting, but WAW is particularly mentally, damaging, comparable only to Hill 400 on cod2.

The game runs well, with a solid frame-rate, this comes at a price. Just like Cod4 the game is displaying in 600p resolution, this makes the game look blurry but at least this makes it run smooth very smooth, on the PC port of the game graphical settings can be customized so resolutions for PC gamers is simply down to Graphics card and Monitor.

The textures and models are what we’ve come to expect and do a fine job of looking great behind the low res that the 360 and ps3 versions run at.

Sgt.Reznov will acompany you in the Russian campaign.

Sgt.Reznov will accompany you throughout the Russian campaign.


Call of Duty in WWII in a way we didn’t expect: 93

Oh my goodness, oh my ….. Oh my god: IT’S BACK

November 16, 2008


The televisual event of the past 3 years to me, would be the return of a sitcom that is itself; imbeded in my outlook on the world. One that showed me Polymorphs, Holograms, Wormholes, swirly things, curry, causality, roman numerals, how to spell london backwards, and that through out it’s run managed to make me laugh out loud (perhaps with exeption to series VIII, but we don’t talk about that..) The show i am refering to is Red Dwarf.

For years it seems that Doug Naylor has toyed with the idea of a feature film, although whenever pitched to companies the deals fell through or they wanted to change the content, for whatever reason it seemed a dead-end. Meanwhile through the years convention photographs would be released, Merchandise developed and the odd anniversary: Red Dwarf it seemed was for better, or for worse, dead.

But, now in 2008, i got the news. After watching a re-run of Red Dwarf series VI on the digital channel, “Dave” this made me curious over the plight of the Red dwarf film, i was on youtube about 20-30 mins ago looking at a fan made opening credits sequence for the film i looked at the comments box, which stated that there was going to be TV specials which would perhaps lead to a series; intrigued i searched up these new “Specials” on Google and… Jackpot, here we go; now we’re cooking!

In the link below it was confirmed that they are making “Brand new specials” these are being made for Dave no less (the channel i last mentioned? coincidence huh?)

I almost lost control of my bowels at the news, and I’m sure it’s TMI but i did make a swift bathroom break shortly after. For those who don’t know what the show is well Wikipedia. was invented for such things…

Later all ❤ 😀 -Jack