Okay so let’s have a good ol’ update!


Okay so, snow. It happens about once a year for around two days here in the middle of England-but this year it decided to snow lots. Which was nice, my dad was off work for about 5 days, and it’s always nice to look at snow isn’t it? Of-course it wasn’t all good-no nothing can ever be good nowadays-it did cause a lot of disruptions; London was told to stay in, etc, and inevitably talk turned to the economy. Now I’m aware that there is a recession on, but still; the economy is based of phsycology, the corrupting elements of fear are quite apparent on the market. I have heard that even the news (yes that great institution of infotainment that thrives off of pessimism)

have “downplayed” the impacts of the recession. I’m sorry but if the news have been “downplaying” the impacts, exactly how bad is it? Surely, the way they’ve been reporting this, it would have to be something on the scale of say…I don’t know, maybe uranium rods corroding in the arctic circle, and possibly exploding causing something that rivals, nay; surpasses the Chernobyl disaster?


Let the nuclear winter not throw away it’s ticket in the Apocalypse raffle. Anyway, i just think the news would help remedy the situation by ushering in a new era of posertivety? No? Just a thought, although i suppose that would be “downplaying” the fact that on every street corner: Terorrists, peadophiles, hoodies, and humans lurk.





So continuing with the snow theme, i thought it good to review Fallout 3’s first downloadable content (DLC) package. So, after downloading load up your character save and in a few minutes, a radio signal will be picked up, hurray new quest line opened up! The radio signal is from a group of Brotherhood of steel outcasts who are in need of help, track the location and you’ll find a secret base with the Outcasts; they’re trying to open a weapon storage room, but it’s proving too difficult even for the tech savvy Outcasts, it seems that whoever can complete the VR training sim (used to train soldiers for the liberation of anchorage from the communist menace) will have access to the secure storage weapons room, and thanks to your Pip-boy 3000 you get to do the honours.

So welcome to Anchorage, Alaska. Or at least a rough approximation, gameplay’s a bit switched around in the VR sim, with the instant health dispensers, ammo dispensers, the addition of a strike team to command (well just about), make this feel more like an FPS than the exploration-heavy-Fallout 3. This content package is short but sweet, mainly adding to the history of the Fallout universe; being able to see the U.S. Army at work before the world got nuked is awesome as well, but it is strange, that a good  RPG that everyone who was foolish thought was nothing more than a weak Fps, which it would be if it WAS an Fps, decides to act like an Fps as apposed to the amazing RPG it was, Is. But at 800ms points, the addition of a new perk which can be obtained by collecting all the Intel pieces scattered around Anchorage, much akin to the bobble-heads; and the frankly great equipment you can get for your character upon completion. However 1-2 hours is a little bit short:

GAMEPLAY: 8.5 The inventory management, exploration and variety are stripped down to gun play, V.A.T.S saves it from being dull.

VALUE FOR MONEY: 8.0 A new perk, Chinese stealth amour, and achievements (worth 100gp) but quite frankly  spending near 1000MSP on such a short piece of content isn’t great but still cheap in comparison to some addons.

LENGTH: 7.0 I’m sure length wasn’t the aim here, but still; most skilled players will be able to view most content in this download in under 2 hours.

8.0 Nice addition that will work well when the rest of the DLC is released but at the moment, this is rather meager.



I'm sure there's an illogical explaination for all this.

I'm sure there's an illogical explanation for all this.

Okay, so on the set of Red Dwarf back to earth, a sneaky peperoni (paparazzi) took snaps of the cast and crew filming on the coronation street sets in Manchester. This sparked much speculation, Red Dwarf.co.uk retaliated with the above pic showing the cast outside the Rovers Return; knowing Red Dwarf this is no way a proper cross-over, it could be thousands of things when your dealing with Red Dwarf. So what is it? Alternate reality? Simulation? what’s left of earth?  who knows. What i do know is that 10th of april be there or be…umm can’t figure out a clever Red Dwarf themed line.


I joined Twitter, so go follow Jack Sol Smith. Good luck with the week!

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