Doom, the Universe, and ingested depression, i am Jack’s slowly decaying body.

Hello. Jack Smith.

Okay, there’s alot to write about, drawing has been slow lately; me and my Friend decided to do the concept art for a completely made up game, just can’t get any of it done at the moment.

I have been listening to Kerrang radio often as i lie in bed, mainly been listening to Johnny Doom’s “the late license” a radio show just playing anything really, the host Johnny Doom seems an odd fellow.

He was voted Brummie of the year 2008, he likes metal, punk, underground, and noise but as for the man himself, well, his myspace page doesn’t really elaborate on what I’ve gathered from his show.

He seems a nice sort of chap, and listening to his regional tones gives him a sense of familiarity.

Here’s some Sigur Ros, they’re probably keeping the Icelandic economy afloat with album sales.

On to other things, got a new theme up, gives the Blog a sense of “look at me I’m a steam-punk factory owner” which i like really so.

i will try to Blog more often so this is jack smith signing off


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