Oh my goodness, oh my ….. Oh my god: IT’S BACK


The televisual event of the past 3 years to me, would be the return of a sitcom that is itself; imbeded in my outlook on the world. One that showed me Polymorphs, Holograms, Wormholes, swirly things, curry, causality, roman numerals, how to spell london backwards, and that through out it’s run managed to make me laugh out loud (perhaps with exeption to series VIII, but we don’t talk about that..) The show i am refering to is Red Dwarf.

For years it seems that Doug Naylor has toyed with the idea of a feature film, although whenever pitched to companies the deals fell through or they wanted to change the content, for whatever reason it seemed a dead-end. Meanwhile through the years convention photographs would be released, Merchandise developed and the odd anniversary: Red Dwarf it seemed was for better, or for worse, dead.

But, now in 2008, i got the news. After watching a re-run of Red Dwarf series VI on the digital channel, “Dave” this made me curious over the plight of the Red dwarf film, i was on youtube about 20-30 mins ago looking at a fan made opening credits sequence for the film i looked at the comments box, which stated that there was going to be TV specials which would perhaps lead to a series; intrigued i searched up these new “Specials” on Google and… Jackpot, here we go; now we’re cooking!

In the link below it was confirmed that they are making “Brand new specials” these are being made for Dave no less (the channel i last mentioned? coincidence huh?)


I almost lost control of my bowels at the news, and I’m sure it’s TMI but i did make a swift bathroom break shortly after. For those who don’t know what the show is well Wikipedia. was invented for such things…

Later all ❤ 😀 -Jack

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